Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Candy Jar was a hit

I am so excited to announce my first Decor Elements (DE) class was a success. I had 8 people in attendance and everyone had smiles on their faces as they were working on their projects and had even bigger smiles on after it was completed. The smaller two jars I made are from the same SPOOKY BROCADE DE (117572 $8.95) I just cut it up to make it fit. I have enough pieces for another jar I just ran out of them (Wal-mart here I come!!)

I gave them a sneak peak of the "Give Thanks" Decor Element that we will be using in October. I am SO loving the Decor Element line we have at Stampin' Up.

I will be posting more pictures of the things I sticker up ( I feel like I am back in Elementary and my sticker collections, looking at what would be cool to put them haha). I am looking to put them on my car, my laptop, on mirrors and any blank wall I see. I have the ones to put on my car when cave season is over I will be putting them on. I don't want cave dust to ruin them. I am sure that has not been asked by the manufacturer if they could handle that (that one made me giggle)

I have a son the is unusual...

First I want to thank my friend Terry (I roomed with her at convention) for this posting. I am sure she will get a giggle out of it.

When we were at convention and my roommates were assembling their stamps sets I asked everyone if I could have their extra rubber to bring home to Kelton who loves to put it all over his body (he has done this forever!!). He was so excited when I got home and gave him them as part as his gift from my trip. It did not take him long to have them all over him (after he get them on him the fights begins, Coleton will sneak up on him and rip one off, hairs and all. Then Kelton will scream and chase Coleton around to get in a good hit.)

So back to the story...The other day I received a package in the mail, I had no clue what it could have been so I opened it up and just started to crack up. I called Kelton in to look at it and OMG you would have thought someone gave him a million dollars. It was all he had to hold down the excitement and it didn't take long til his shirt was off and he was covered in rubber. Coleton got wind of what was going on and the fight began. Mom and I just stand back and laugh.

Kel still has some rubber left and it will last him another day or two so only a couple more days of fighting haha (I only wish)

Again thanks Terry it was a great surprise

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spooky Treat Halloween Candy Jar Class

Join me and (up to) 15 other stamping and crafting friends

WHERE: my house (604 White Clover Ct)

WHEN: September 24th.

TIME: Starting at 6:30 (if 6:30 is to soon arrive at 7). This candy jar should only take less than an hour to make.
COST $15.00

Already RSVP
2. Krista
3. Amy
4. Tiffani
5. Erin
6. Robin (Paid)
7. Kim
8. Kay
9. Jen B
10. Eilene
11. Paula

Where has the time gone???????

Another month has went by and it seems just like yesterday I posted. I could use another 6 hours in a day, then I might get everything done I need too.

We have had lots going on this past month, I know that because I look at my camera and say "600 pictures!!!!!" I am coping them off my camera and getting them ready to post on here. No not 600 pictures haha. Just a few to highlight the summer, different projects and upcoming classes.

I promise to have Buzz word back in October and you are really going to want to check here often to see all the exciting projects I have coming up.

Ok enough babbling and I will get posting.

Have a happy day and see you soon