Monday, November 29, 2010

Science Olympiad and Cub Scout Pack 246 Fundraiser

Come join me...

Saturday December 4, 2010

Englewood United Methodist Church (the church behind Dairy Queen)
107 N. Walnut St, Englewood OH

Arrive any time between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M.
(we can stamp as long as we want)

5 cards for $15
additional cards can be made for $3 each

****$2 off if you bring a snack to share. Keep it simple anything is welcome.****

This stamping event is open to everyone! If you have never stamped before, there will be plenty of hands to help guide you. Come and get a jump start on your holiday cards and help a great cause at the same time!

These cards are a sample of the cards available to make. If you like one better then the others you can make multiples of that card if desired. (I have one other cards to show but every time I load it, it comes in sideways and looks stupid so I am going to try to load it later and see if it helps, no it will not let me rotate it lol I have tried)
Since I have the church all day if you would like to rent ($7.50) (it is a fundraiser) a table for the day to make your own cards I will have I will have all the Christmas stamps that I own or have borrowed there all you will need to bring is your own ink and card stock.
Please RSVP to me 937-603-7439 if you are able to attend and would like multiples of a specific card so I have enough supplies ready.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Join my team now thru November 30 for HALF OFF the starter kit. This is an unbelievable deal. For $87.50 plus shipping and tax you can either start you own business or just get whatever Stampin Up products you want for a DISCOUNT.

I started off as a Hobby Demo just thinking I will get what I want when I need it at a discount. I can see what new things are coming out early and get a FREE catalog every year. I also wanted to go to convention (that is the only way you can go). Meeting the minimums was not a problem as Stampin UP makes it somewhat easy for us to stay active but as many of you know my business grew instantly all because of 1 phone call and 1 email I sent out and I then became a Business Demo (that is because I wanted it) and I am thrilled with every step I have taken to grow my business.

If you have any questions please email at or you can join by clicking My password to join is loves2stamp.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Here is it November 12 less than 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving. If you would ask me what am I thankful for I would say:
1. My health
2. My boys (without them I would have more in my checking account but I would be lost)
3. My FRIENDS (without them I would have no one to laugh at)
4. My Stampin Up business
We all know there is other things I am thankful for, I just really wanted to say...
THANK YOU to all my friends and stampin friends. 3 years ago when I started selling Stampin Up I never dreamed it would be like this today. I was hoping to get a couple of people to help me stay active and someone to get together with every now and then to stamp with and spend time together I got soooooo much more than that!! I have the most wonderful group of people (I can't say women because I have Jack that come to class his wife Julia) that come to class every week. Yes it is a lot of work but it really really really makes my day to spend that hour with them. For the ones that come every now and then I love you just as much!!!!! It is such a delight to be surprised by your smiles when you come down the stairs to my Stampin Studio.
This week I had two reminders of why I love my Stampin Family. Tiffany sent me an email RSVPing that she was coming Thursday and in her email she tells me I am her favorite Stampin Up demonstrator she has had. What a surprise that was to see. I don't think I have smiled that big in a long time. Susannah didn't RSVP for last nights class but just shows up to surprise me with her presence. (She has not been feeling well the past few months, so we were not sure when she would be back to class) I was great to see her and she looked great!
To my non-stamping friends---You know how much I love each one of you and I tell you all the time and I would be completely lost with you.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone just in case I don't make it on here to blog again until Thanksgiving is over. (lol you all know me just as well as I know myself)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Now that the "Cave" is over...

As most of you know, the boys and I work at the Lewisburg Haunted Cave. This is our third year doing it and every year it brings on new adventures. It is so much fun to see the boys grow and develop into their character. Kelton is such a ham as you can see. He is not afraid to be in front of the camera. Coleton on the other hand is just the opposite. He hates to get his picture taken.

This year the "Cave" finished FIRST in the tristate This site will give you our review. We were very excited to get Haunt of the Year.

As you can see the nights were busy and LONG as Kel could not stay awake the whole time.