Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year...

I always think of all these things I want to say on here and as soon as I start to type they all leave. (I know write them down as you think of them but that would not be me)

If you are going out tonight PLEASE be safe tonight and have a fun New Years night

I want to tell everyone how Thankful I am of everyone who comes to class, who orders and is just my friends. I want everyone to know just how much fun I had this year at the events that I had and it couldn't have happened if I didn't have such great stamping friends.

I am on here today to put my goals for 2010 so everyone can see them and help me achieve them (we all know I need as much help as I can get)

2010 GOALS

1. Get both stamping clubs full

2. Have a National Scrapbook Day (2nd year)

3. Hold Kid's classes-Valentines day, Mothers day, Fathers day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, maybe a back to school

4. Start my first year for Camp-Crop-A-Lot

5. Hold a Scrapbooking day every other month Feb 27, Apr, June, Aug, Oct

6. Stay ahead on projects (you will be happy to know I know what we are doing for Jan make and takes, Kids Valentines day and 2 page layout for a scrapbooking class I am wanting to start I have an idea for club projects but it is not set in stone)

7. Go down a pants size.

8. Stay ahead on laundry

9. Add a blog entry once a week


11. Host my own Shoebox Swap

Ok that sounds like enough work so far. I will keep everyone updated on how well I am doing

Monday, December 28, 2009

You will be missed Great Grandma Phyllis

Coleton and Kelton's Great Grandma (their dad's side) passed away December 23. Phyllis was one of the nicest ladies I have ever met. She loved her grand kids. We have so many memories going to her place on Grand Lake St Mary's and her fabulous cheese cake.

Coleton received duct tape for Christmas and he decided to send duct tape roses he made instead of sending flowers from a florist. The day after Christmas we went shopping he found the tie dye tape, bought a vase, and of course a couple (8) more rolls of tape (more girlie colors). We sat down to make the roses and was very pleased how they turned out.

He took them to the viewing with us Sunday and everyone just loved them. Coleton made a special rose with 2 colors to represent him and Kelton and placed it in the casket

Coleton you did a great job and I am very proud of you

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1st Annual Christmas Card Buffet

What an awesome day we had. I worked several hours preparing for this day. I had no idea what to really expect. I was hoping I have worked with my group of stampers enough through the year that I could design a card, they could look at it and duplicate it. I was so nervous the night before, hoping I had all supplies ready, enough card stock cut, that everyone was going to like the cards and that I would have a good turn out. That Saturday arrived I got set up (Thanks to Robin!) and my stampers started to arrive. As the day went on I started to relax as I seen I had taught them well. They can look at a card and duplicate it along with adding their own special touches.

Seeing everyone working together and sharing the changes that they made to the cards to make them their special creations was so worth all the work I put into preparing for this day.

I can not wait for the new catalog to come out now to see what cool Christmas stamps are going to be available so I can prepare for this event earlier (now that I know what to expect.)

Thank you all 19 of you that came and I hope you had as much fun as I did. Now it is time to start to prepare for upcoming classes in 2010

Saturday, December 12, 2009

12 Days of Holiday Sales!

These might be the most exciting 12 days of December with select Big Shot dies and vinyl sheets for the Big Shot on sale! The 12 Days of Holiday Sales begin today and runs through December 22.

Some of the items introduced in this sale are new colors of Décor Elements vinyl sheets. There are 18 new colors to choose from, and they make great projects when you use them with Big Shot dies. Consider pairing the Clear Décor Elements vinyl sheets with the Tulipe Bigz die to create an etched-like design on a vase. Or use the Decorative Accent Bigz dies with the Old Olive Décor Element vinyl sheets to enhance a frame. The combination of Big Shot dies and Décor Elements vinyl sheets is sure to take your creativity to a new level!

Tell your husband!!! Shop now --- sale is only until Dec. 22nd!

Click here to view the Big Shot Specials list!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

4 More Cards for Saturday

Oh my the creative juices are flowing. I wish I had more hours in a day to work in my studio. I keep making notes of my ideas and will use them through out the year with other stamp sets besides Christmas.

Here are (I think) the last 4 cards that will be available to make on Saturday. If you could send me a message of what and about how many cards you want to make I will have those reserved for you so I don't sell out of your favorite design. You can email me your request at

Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Card Buffet...

Come and join me and other stampers at my

1st Annual Christmas Card Buffet

9 a.m.- 3 p.m

Meadowdale Baptist Church

3686 Haney Rd (call me for directions if needed)

Admission is FREE. Cards range from $1-3 each.

*Door Prizes*

Free card for new attendees

Free card if you bring a friend.

Come enjoy some Christmas music, laughs, food and of course making your Christmas cards (don't forget your address book so you don't leave anyone out)

I am so excited about this event. The creative juices have been flowing and still is. Check out the 8 cards so far and I have 3 others half completed in my work area. You can make 1 card, 1 of each or several of whatever design you like. I will have plenty of card stock available.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Club Meeting Technique as promised...

OK call me a goof but I have no clue what this technique is called. I was taught how to do it a couple months back at one of my awesome stamping meeting that I am always going to. I fell in love with this technique and I plan on trying it with other color combination and stamp sets. I encourage all of you to try it and email me a picture of your card you made and I will post it on here to share with everyone.
Supplies you are going to need:
Brayer-if you don't have one I am sure you can sponge a the lightest color on as the background.
1 1/4" Circle punch
a piece of post it note paper 3 colors of ink-a light, medium and darker stamp pad
2 daubers
piece of sponge
scrap piece of paper
Whisper white card stock
any other embellishments you might want to add to your card
I first cut Whisper White Card Stock to the size I want that I will be stamping my image on.
Make sure you have a piece of scrap paper under your card stock. Using your Brayer (102395) cover the card stock with the lightest ink color. I used Pale Plum (102732)
Stamp your image onto that covered piece of paper. I am using the tree from the House of Haunts (111574) with Black StazOn (101406) ink

Punch a circle with your 1 1/4" Circle Punch (104403) out of the post it note paper (make sure you have a little bit of sticky on it), this circle is going to be used to make the moon. Place the circle over the tree where ever you want the moon to be.

Take a dauber (102892) and Perfect Plum ink (101437) and dab the ink all around the tree to the edge of the card stock

Do the same thing with the Elegant Eggplant (105210) letting a little bit of the perfect plum showing through

Remove the circle to show the moon.

Tear a piece of the post it note to give it a rough edge to me the clouds over the moon. Squeeze your sponge and get a little bit of Perfect Plum ink on the edge and make the shadow of clouds in the moon areaEmbellish the card as desired

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Haunted Cave in Lewisburg is in full force...

Most of you know the boys and I work at "The Cave". They love every second of it and think they are coolest thing (haha).

Coleton and I work together as a team. We are stationed at the entrance to the swamp. The swamp has a laser that shoots across about 53 inchs (I think, Seemore my stick buddy is my guide haha) so if your eye height is lower than Seemore's then you have to go through a bypass and Coleton is the guide for it. He is so good with kids, it is the perfect spot for him. When he is not in action he has his special stance and will hold that through and people think he is a fake figure and will stare at him to see if he moves just at the right time he will pick up this head and scare the crap out of women. He is hilarious and loving it way to much. Our area is really dark so it helps with his little scare. The owner Mark was behind a group one time, Coleton scared the daylights out of some girl and Mark just laughed and told him "good job"

Kelton is in a completely different area and LOVES his spot. I get more compliments about him and his position. He works with 4 other men who get to operate on him while getting into a gun fight and the works. Honestly I couldn't tell you what he does. I have never seen him in action. When I do get to see him (which is at the end of the night) he has been asleep on the table. Let me tell you when he sleeps he is asleep!!! I have watched the guys in action shooting the guns (and they echo in the cave and it is loud) and Kel does not flinch. It cracks all of us up. The guys wake him up after the last group of people go through and he is up and ready to go to Waffle House.

You will see more pictures later or even some of these same pictures again soon. I ordered Stampin Up! new My Digital Studio and it should be here on Monday so you know I am going to be playing with it that day. More details about it soon.