Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Haunted Cave in Lewisburg is in full force...

Most of you know the boys and I work at "The Cave". They love every second of it and think they are coolest thing (haha).

Coleton and I work together as a team. We are stationed at the entrance to the swamp. The swamp has a laser that shoots across about 53 inchs (I think, Seemore my stick buddy is my guide haha) so if your eye height is lower than Seemore's then you have to go through a bypass and Coleton is the guide for it. He is so good with kids, it is the perfect spot for him. When he is not in action he has his special stance and will hold that through and people think he is a fake figure and will stare at him to see if he moves just at the right time he will pick up this head and scare the crap out of women. He is hilarious and loving it way to much. Our area is really dark so it helps with his little scare. The owner Mark was behind a group one time, Coleton scared the daylights out of some girl and Mark just laughed and told him "good job"

Kelton is in a completely different area and LOVES his spot. I get more compliments about him and his position. He works with 4 other men who get to operate on him while getting into a gun fight and the works. Honestly I couldn't tell you what he does. I have never seen him in action. When I do get to see him (which is at the end of the night) he has been asleep on the table. Let me tell you when he sleeps he is asleep!!! I have watched the guys in action shooting the guns (and they echo in the cave and it is loud) and Kel does not flinch. It cracks all of us up. The guys wake him up after the last group of people go through and he is up and ready to go to Waffle House.

You will see more pictures later or even some of these same pictures again soon. I ordered Stampin Up! new My Digital Studio and it should be here on Monday so you know I am going to be playing with it that day. More details about it soon.

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