Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year...

I always think of all these things I want to say on here and as soon as I start to type they all leave. (I know write them down as you think of them but that would not be me)

If you are going out tonight PLEASE be safe tonight and have a fun New Years night

I want to tell everyone how Thankful I am of everyone who comes to class, who orders and is just my friends. I want everyone to know just how much fun I had this year at the events that I had and it couldn't have happened if I didn't have such great stamping friends.

I am on here today to put my goals for 2010 so everyone can see them and help me achieve them (we all know I need as much help as I can get)

2010 GOALS

1. Get both stamping clubs full

2. Have a National Scrapbook Day (2nd year)

3. Hold Kid's classes-Valentines day, Mothers day, Fathers day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, maybe a back to school

4. Start my first year for Camp-Crop-A-Lot

5. Hold a Scrapbooking day every other month Feb 27, Apr, June, Aug, Oct

6. Stay ahead on projects (you will be happy to know I know what we are doing for Jan make and takes, Kids Valentines day and 2 page layout for a scrapbooking class I am wanting to start I have an idea for club projects but it is not set in stone)

7. Go down a pants size.

8. Stay ahead on laundry

9. Add a blog entry once a week


11. Host my own Shoebox Swap

Ok that sounds like enough work so far. I will keep everyone updated on how well I am doing

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