Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1st Annual Christmas Card Buffet

What an awesome day we had. I worked several hours preparing for this day. I had no idea what to really expect. I was hoping I have worked with my group of stampers enough through the year that I could design a card, they could look at it and duplicate it. I was so nervous the night before, hoping I had all supplies ready, enough card stock cut, that everyone was going to like the cards and that I would have a good turn out. That Saturday arrived I got set up (Thanks to Robin!) and my stampers started to arrive. As the day went on I started to relax as I seen I had taught them well. They can look at a card and duplicate it along with adding their own special touches.

Seeing everyone working together and sharing the changes that they made to the cards to make them their special creations was so worth all the work I put into preparing for this day.

I can not wait for the new catalog to come out now to see what cool Christmas stamps are going to be available so I can prepare for this event earlier (now that I know what to expect.)

Thank you all 19 of you that came and I hope you had as much fun as I did. Now it is time to start to prepare for upcoming classes in 2010

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