Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Introducing Emily

The boys and I have been really lucky to have a really cute 8 year old come into our lives. Her name is Emily. Emily is very special to us. I actually feel like sometimes she is my own child. I guess with me being adopted I feel like I have adopted her into our family without going to court or filling out any paper work. Em was diagnosed with Leukemia in March of 08 and is now in remission. Yeah! She and the boys have really connected over the past 5 months. Em and Coleton are really funny to watch, since both of them have to take medicine at bed time they are right next to each other supporting the other. Before Coleton gets his shot we numb the area with an ice pack and Em will get his attention and say “Numb up Coleton” and Em is not able to swallow pills yet (she will soon I am sure) Coleton is trying to teach her how to take the pills without having to crush them up. After the pills are crushed (guess she didn’t swallow them yet haha) Em takes the medicine in ice cream but it still gags her and Coleton is right there saying it is ok. Then off to bed they go. Kel sleeps in his room and Em sleeps in Coleton’s bed while Coleton will make a bed on the floor for him to sleep. Em is really funny, she may be small but boy is she mighty. She gives Coleton and Kelton a run for their money. They love having her come over and doing things with us just as much as she loves doing stuff with them. I can’t imagine doing an activity and not having her with us. I am sure this adorable little girl will be in our lives for a long long time (fingers crossed). Thank you Angie (Em’s mom)for letting us stay in touch with Em, this means the world to me and the boys.

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