Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Florida Bound and had a Blast!!!!

The boys and I took a short vacation to Florida to visit our aunt Judy and our cousins. Not much was planned but the time away was really nice. The boys were fascinated with the lizards. They also had a blast Saturday when we visited the ocean. We took a ride on cousin Mike's boat where we fished for a short time and Coleton caught his fish he needed to catch for scouts. After fishing, cousin Rhonda and her family met up with us and we went to some island which was awesome. The boys played in the sand, hunted for shells and jumped the waves, just as any kid does when they see the ocean for the first time. In the afternoon we went tubing it was another first for the boys. THEY LOVED IT!

Sunday our family had a cookout and a carry-in. Kids played in the pool and the adults chatted. It was a really relaxing day. Monday was our day to come home. Thank goodness because tropical storm Faye was heading our way. Our plane ride was adventurous after delays we finally got home at 11:00 at night and school started the next day. Luckily the boys were tired and no problems getting them to sleep.

I forgot to mention when Coleton was holding on for dear life to the tube, he got a rope burn (it was on the tube) on his chin. He was really proud of it :)

Enjoy the photos and the video of Coleton tubing. I had to ride with Kelton so we did not get taped :(.

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