Sunday, June 7, 2009

Buzz Word....Blog Candy

This is going to be a new game I want to play. Deadline to get your answers to me is by the Wednesday before my Make and Take Thursdays (first and third Thursday of every month). If the winner is in attendance they will be handed your blog candy or I will mail it to them. You need to email me the correct answers to the buzz word questions at I will be doing a random draw with the people with the correct answers.

This weeks Buzz word is HOUSE. All answers will have the word house in it.

1. A floating home
2. Doctors rarely make them anymore
3. A live-in maid
4. A delicate structure of queens and jacks
5. One who watches your home while you're away
6. The area of the department store that carries dishes
7. A philodendron, perhaps
8. Congress
9. A married woman who works in the home
10. Cooking and cleaning

Good Luck everyone. Answers need to be in to me by Wed. June 17

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