Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Northmont's Science Olympiad

Coleton is participating in a school event called Science Olympiad. He is loving every second of it so far. This group has to study different science topics and build different contraptions to do what ever the rules call for. As most of you know Coleton is my inventor of the group and loving this part of it. I really wished I knew how to make studying this fun for him in every subject.
This past weekend Northmont had their invitational, I am not really sure how many kids participated and exactly how many schools. I just know there was a boat load of people and about 17 schools and some schools had 2 teams. This is not only middle school, high school is included so make sure you double the numbers stated above. This picture just shows a sampling of how many people was here.
Brian (another parent) helped get the trophies and metals ready. He was feeling like a failure so he wanted to boost his own ego and pretended he won it all. If you knew him we would be glad that it was only pretend haha. Gotta love Brian.

Coleton did not have all of his events completed and dialed in like he would like them so he did not take his, the only one he took was his Junkyard Challenge and that will be talked about shortly.
Coleton help assist in a couple of extra events, one was Elevated Bridge and the other was Trajectory. Since this was his first competition ever he wanted to help out where ever needed and to get a feel of being watched by judges.

Coleton event that was his was Junkyard Challenge. His rules stated that he had to have a golf ball, 4 mouse traps and needed to come up with a device to set off all 4 mouse traps in a North, South, West, East pattern. Believe me I am so glad he has a coach to help him haha. He did not do as well as he would have liked to but considering it was a first he got 10th out 17 competitors.

Coleton I am very PROUD of you. Keep up the good work.
Wish him luck, his next invitational is on the 23rd at Centerville.

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