Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am back...

When I signed on to here I did not look to see when I last posted...I am way to embarrassed but it is not like I was being lazy and just didn't post- it was...well I just didn't take the time to post. I have had Make and Takes all winter along with club so why didn't I take a picture of the project and post it on here??? uuuummmmm I wish I could answer that without saying lazy but I am trying really hard to come up with another word to use because I really don't consider myself lazy, I got the word I am thinking of...Distracted! I am going to blame it on Facebook, mom, dad, work, Science Olympiad, Scouts and sleep.

Over the winter months quite a bit has happened in my crazy world.

1.I have started dating a wonderful guy-I have known Daryl for several years and a year ago he bought my dad's towing business, as several months had went by with us just chit chatting a relationship developed around November. All is good despite both of our very crazy schedules and he is VERY SUPPORTIVE of my stamping obsession. He knows what I want to do with my stamping business and he is really encouraging me to go for it. With that being said here I am again, posting my first blog in months.
2. Coleton has been competing all winter with Science Olympiad. We have been every where, from Centerville, to Zanesville to Solon back to Dayton to compete at Wright State then off to West Liberty, lets not forget our trip to Piqua then to Columbus for State. If he was not competing, he was at his coaches house building his events or at the school gym practicing. (I am going learn next year to have a card made ahead of time and take supplies with me to stamp while I am waiting and watching him--I would hate to say how many hours I have lost just "waiting")

Kelton--God love him- he has been so patient with all the competitions. I know how long the competitions are and he went to as many as he could. He is such a trooper. Next year he can join the SO team (that means more hours just "waiting" ok Nikki get your stamping stuff ready) He just finished up his 5th year of Cub Scouts and made the transition into Boy Scouts. The exciting part for me was I was able to give up scout leader shirt of 9 years. Pictures to come of crossover.

I am excited to be back to blogging and I am going to try to post before I go to bed most nights, stay tuned

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