Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Card

Looking ahead to this new week, I am going to be doing a couple things differently for myself (a long time coming) I am excited to be posting on a Monday and I have several pictures of projects in my blog folder to post over the next few day so I hope you check back often to see what I have posted.

Today's project was what I had made for Mother's Day. One section of it has a little bit of EMBOSS RESIST on it. If you are asking how did I do that, well here is general instructions.

The first part is take a piece of Whisper White Card Stock and emboss it with Clear Embossing Powder. I know this picture does not show much but you can somewhat see where I embossed the whole sheet.After the piece is embossed I took a sponge and ink and inked right over the embossed image. The ink will not stick to the glossy embossed part but will stick to the Whisper White Card Stock.

After you cover the piece of paper with ink take a paper towel to wipe off excess ink.

I hope I explained this very simple technique well enough for you, if you have any questions please ask.

Have a great MONDAY and hope to see you in class soon


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