Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Flowers That NEVER Need Watering

Coleton thought these flowers was the coolest thing and wanted to make some for his teacher's gift. So I found this really cute coffee cup to put SOME in. When I showed him the mug he loved it and I said we can put about 5-7 flowers in it, well he had another idea he wanted 12. My eye's got big and I know it showed "are you crazy!". We all know whatever our kids want (as long as it is not too expensive or dangerous) our kids get, so I let him pick out the paper and I made 12 flowers for him.

When he came home of camping over the weekend I had it completed. He LOVED it. It was what he was wanting. So now I hope Mrs. Johnson has just as big of a smile on her face when she gets it as Coleton did when he seen it.
Note to Mrs. Johnson----THANK YOU for everything you have done for him. We all know he is not the easiest boy to handle but he could have not done these past 2 years without you. You are a blessing and good luck with your retirement.

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