Monday, July 27, 2009

Gaelic Storm was in town and we were there...

If you have not heard of Gaelic Storm you have to visit their website They are one of the boys and my favorite bands. Of course it is an Irish band. Gaelic Storm debut was in the movie Titanic, they were the band playing when Rose and Jack went to the party in the lower level of the ship.

They were here for the Irish fest in downtown Dayton. I took the boys Friday night and they loved them. Usually when we see them at the Celtic fest the boys are ready to go after a couple of songs (just because they were younger and got tired) but this year they wanted to stay and watch all of it. That show is all I heard about on the way home and they talked about wanting to go back for the Saturday night show, they knew we had Emily's wedding to go to but I told them we could do both.
At the Saturday night show I let them get in line for autographs, that made Coleton and Keltons evening.

Enjoy the pictures and until the next posting have a great week.

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