Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Emily is off to Disney

My little friend Emily was granted a wish from the Special Wish Foundation (for those who don't know Em has Leukemia but is now in remission). Em's wish was to go to Disney.

I have been teasing her about sneaking me in her suitcase and taking me with her. So last night I took a picture of me and the boys glued it to a piece of poster board, inserted a Popsicle stick in the middle and cut off all the background stuff. Em called me after she was picked up by the Limo at 5:30 this morning and Coleton and I met her at the Dayton Airport to send her on her way. We gave her "the Oaks family on a stick" She thought it was funny and I told her "See you can take up with you."

Em called me shortly after getting off of her first plane ride to tell me they made it to Florida. I am sure "We" will have a wonderful time in Florida. I hope "I" don't get sun burnt.

Have a GREAT time Emily, sending you lots of hugs and kisses

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