Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am in Utah....

Hello from Salt Lake City

Everything was packed Monday late night and was in bed at a reasonable time but could not go to sleep for the life of me. It wasn't because I was super excited to go I think it was because I was afraid I would not hear the alarm clock and would miss my flight haha, so I ended up being up ALL night. I was at the airport at 5:15 and the plane was delayed about 30 minutes because of the lightening storm. Once we finally took off the flight was really bumpy at first. I of course made it to Houston safely and was on my way to Utah.

I arrived in Utah at noon (Utah time, 2:00 Dayton time). I met up with my room mates Terry, Susan and Deb. All are wonderful. We exchanged great roommate gifts.

Wednesday morning we woke up at 5 and was at memento mall by 7 and it opened at 9. For the 2 hours while we were waiting I swapped about 60 cards. OMG it was so much fun. I can not wait to show everyone them.
I met up with 5 other women and we rented a van and went to Stampin Up office. It was cool to see all the stuff there. Demonstrator support and distribution center was unbelievable.

The scenery is AWESOME.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we have classes and make and takes. I cant wait to take more pictures and post.

Until tomorrow---Good Night

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