Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Thank You's

I know is post is forever late. Where has the past 2 weeks gone. "I know! I have been trying to keep ahead of future projects." Yep I have been working on them and both boys and myself was ill last week! Everyone is better now and I am a couple projects ahead, you will have to check back in the next day or so and I will have them posted.

Two weeks ago on January 21 I had a Make and Take and was hoping the night was going to slide right on by and no would know it was my 40Th birthday but someone let the cat out of the bag and told on me. (I won't mention any names Sheila) plus being on Facebook it was plastered on it too. Any way I had 16 women in attendance and it was such an awesome night. I was showered with cards, a cake, a couple of gifts and LOADS of LAUGHS.

This is the card I designed to thank everyone for one of the best night I think I have ever had and really needed. I truly have the best group of friends and stampers, some of them I have known for years and others just a short time but wow how blessed I am to have met all of them. Thank You everyone for an awesome 40Th Birthday.

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